Training & Support


We don’t just advertise “customer support” — we live by it. Customers are the life blood at FacilityPointe and we make sure to provide the quickest and most complete customer support possible. We do this by having dedicated support staff specifically assigned to your account. From your account manager to your customer support representative, you’ll not only get to know them personally but come to depend on them to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly

We will assign your organization it’s own dedicated training manager that will handle all of your training needs. Whether through on-site or virtual training sessions, your users will receive excellent guidance on using our system.  We’ll take the time to train your staff so everyone understands how to utilize your new facility management solution.

We also know that even after everyone has gone through training there will still be questions and issues requiring additional support. Your users will have access to both phone and email support. In addition, we’ve created a detailed FAQ section complete with short, how-to training videos for each section.